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«Nature is my inspiration»

Fabian Hurschler was born and raised in a small village in Switzerland. His passion for the outdoors emerged at a young age from the countless trips to hikes in the mountain regions of Switzerland. Later, while he decided to take a break from ordinary work and started to travel around the world, he felt the urge to document his journey with a camera in his hand. That is also when he learnt several technics for capturing and processing his images. He began to develop his own style and with that, the final result of his work expresses the emotions felt at those locations.

In his never ending desire to travel and explore, he'd not only like to inspire others for the outdoors, but also showing the people its beauty and the importance of protecting and conserving our planet.


- Canon 5DsR

- Sigma 14mm 1.8

- Canon 24-70 III 2.8

- Canon 70-200 III 2.8

- Canon 85 1.2

- DJI Mavic Pro

Fabian Hurschler
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